Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Welcome to your first taste of Louisville Paleo!

Louisville Paleo is the menu blog for a food service providing healthy Paleo-Meals-To-Go made fresh from the SuperMomMeals.com kitchen.

 Today is the first day of Spring!  The birds are singing through my open window, a cool breeze stirs around the aroma of fresh vegetable beef soup with homemade bone broth.  Creativity and adrenaline are brewing strong this sunny afternoon in Louisville, KY. 

 I can barely contain my excitement about all that is to come in the very near future and beyond!

 I am honored to welcome you to the revolution, a new way to feed your body the fuel it needs without sacrificing taste or time. With fresh, fun, fast, affordable food and prepared meals, SuperMomMeals.com offers a way to provide your family consistent nutrition without wasting time on the debate, preparation, or super market spending frenzies that typically precludes what many Americans consider 'dinner' these days... hot, fast, easy, greasy, salt & sugar laced, chemically preserved, canned, boxed, frozen, mass manufactured crap.

 Join us in the movement to raise awareness about what healthy eating really is and discovering what works best for YOU! Try a variety of delicious items on a rotating menu or Special Order what sounds good especially made just YOU.

 Important Dates to Note:

Leah’s Opening Pampered Chef Party….

Thursday, April 5th 6:30pm

SuperMomMeals Kitchen (Located in Fern Creek, KY)

 Paleo vs. The Pampered Chef!

Bring some friends to Leah’s 1st Pampered Chef Happy Hour!
Watch Leah take on veteran Pampered Chef Jennifer Philley in a
“Let’s Make It Paleo” Cook-off
We will be sampling a new Pampered Chef recipe along with a Paleo version!
Call/text Leah 649-4635 or send me a message on FaceBook!



Website Launch Party

Friday April 27th

Join us for a sneak peek of some of the foods Louisville Paleo will be providing for order during the month of May through SuperMomMeals.com. 
Check out the party kitchen where you can host your own Pampered Chef Party or personal cooking lesson, schedule a family meal planning session, Paleo Tasting Party for your friends and family, catered dinner parties, and more!
Also view and be among the first to purchase the Spring 2012 line of workout shirts, tanks, bags and more from Crush It Clothing & Apparel!



As if that weren’t enough reason to party, we’re celebrating both the SuperMom & Dad’s Birthday
(We won’t reveal which one is hitting a big milestone….. but let’s just say last year when Leah turned 30, she entered the decade Kenny will be exiting!!!!)


Enjoy the day, follow our blog, like Louisville Paleo on FaceBook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Louisville-Paleo and
live your life happy and free from stress over food!